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The Importance of “Soft Measures”

Every business leader knows the importance of “hard measurements” including things like financials, number of customers and customer demographics and buying history, inventory data and other things that can be measured accurately and that directly or indirectly represent bottom-line performance. Less … Continue reading

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Business Processes Impact Holistic Organizational Effectiveness

Business process effectiveness is a key driver for achieving holistic organizational effectiveness. Processes used by employees and customers can be highly efficient and effective, or they can be cumbersome and cause frustration, delays, quality and reliability problems, poor timeliness and low … Continue reading

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Identifying and Dealing with Low-Performing Managers and Employees

The Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Survey asked people to rate and comment on how effective their organizations are at identifying and dealing with low-performing managers and employees. The overall rating for all survey responses is a very low 2.65 where 5 … Continue reading

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