About the Holistic Organizational Effectiveness (HOE) Blog

During 2012 Quantisoft designed and conducted the Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Survey.

The HOE Survey assesses how effective an organization is in doing the things and establishing the environment and conditions necessary to achieve the outcomes the organization intends to produce.

The idea for conducting the HOE Survey came from our experience conducting employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, IT customer satisfaction surveys, enterprise risk
management surveys
(ERM) and other assessments since 1999. We consistently find that organizations have significant opportunities for improvement and that taking a holistic approach to achieving organizational effectiveness can be of great benefit to all organizations, regardless of their size or whether they are a business, governmental, not for profit, educational or any other type of organization.

The survey takes a holistic approach to assessing and achieving Organizational Effectiveness (OE) and Organizational Health, going well beyond the issues typically considered by HR and OD (Organizational Development).

The survey includes 97 questions organized in 12 sections:

  1. Strategy
  2. Senior Leadership Team
  3. Governance
  4. Culture and Innovation
  5. Organizational Structures, Systems & Processes
  6. Workforce Excellence
  7. Performance Measures & Reward Systems
  8. Technology, Business Processes & Suppliers
  9. Financial Planning, Management & Measurement
  10. Business Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  11. Environment, Sustainability & Responsibility
  12. Taking a Holistic Approach to Organizational Effectiveness

Survey Sponsor and Co-Sponsors

The survey was sponsored by the NJOD Learning Community and co-sponsored by several OD (Organizational Development) and other organizations across the U.S. including:

  • Arizona Organizational Development Network (AzODN)
  • Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE)/Center for Human Resource Management Studies (CHRMS)
  • Minnesota OD Network
  • ODNLI (Organizational Development Network of Long Island)
  • OD Network of New York
  • Organization Change Alliance – Metro Atlanta Area
  • South Florida Organizational Development Network (SFLODN)
  • St. Louis Organization Development Network (STL-ODN)
  • Triangle OD Network (North Carolina)

Other organizations are welcome to become co-sponsors of the HOE survey. Please contact Howard Deutsch at (609) 409-9945 / hdeutsch@Quantisoft.com.

HOE Survey Findings

265 responses were received from a wide range of organizations. Quantisoft analyzed the survey data and prepared a comprehensive Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Survey report summarizing the findings of the survey, along with commentary interpreting the results and presenting the challenges facing most organizations today.

The survey found that most organizations are performing well below their HOE potential and that large-scale opportunities exist for organizations to increase their organizational effectiveness and health, leading to increased bottom line performance and many other benefits. We encourage you to read the report and share it with your colleagues, taking time to identify opportunities for HOE improvement in your organization.

Blog Objectives

  1. Share information about the Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Survey results with people across all sectors and industries in the hope they will learn from the findings and gain value for their organization or their clients (for consultnts)
  2. Provide a forum for people to share their experiences with organizational effectiveness and to learn from each other
  3. Enable senior leaders, and functional leaders/professionals to learn about what they can do to to help achieve holistic organizational effectiveness in their organization

HOE Implications for the U.S. and Other National Economies

The HOE Survey found that many businesses and governmental organizations at the national, state and local levels in the U.S. have very significant opportunities to increase their HOE and organizational health. Doing so will have a profound impact on the performance of these organizations and on U.S. competitiveness.

We received 23 responses from 16 countries other than the U.S. The aggregate results from these responses mirrors the results received from U.S. organizations, indicating that HOE problems and opportunities exist globally.

You Can Still Participate in the Survey

The HOE Survey is being kept open for additional participation for the foreseeable future and the reports will be updated periodically to include all new responses. Please participate in the HOE Survey and share your perceptions about your organization’s organizational effectiveness. All responses will be kept anonymous and not linked to you or your organization.

We encourage you to read the survey report and the HOE Blog posts, and to add your comments to the Blog posts going forward. New posts will be added frequently.

Unless otherwise noted, all blog posts are written by Howard Deutsch, Quantisoft’s CEO.

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