Getting Results from Surveys

Employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and other types of surveys commonly conducted for businesses and other types of organizations provide a wealth of information about strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This is especially so when the surveys are well-designed and comprehensive, covering a broad range of pertinent topics.

Quantisoft has been conducting surveys for organizations since 1999. Many of our customers have made significant changes based on survey findings and our recommendations, and they have achieved very positive results as measured by annual follow-on surveys. Some organizations fail to take meaningful action based on survey results and they typically achieve little or no improvement.

Tips for Getting Results from Surveys

  1. Provide senior level support for conducting surveys and for taking action and getting results from the survey findings.
  2. Make the survey comprehensive. Ask the important questions that will provide useful, actionable feedback,
  3. Consider having a survey company conduct your surveys. They will provide important useful suggestions and guidance and outside, objective perspective in terms of what questions to ask, performing analysis of the survey results and making recommendations for taking action and making needed changes.
  4. Read all of the survey comments and review the survey ratings in detail. Make sure you know and understand the ratings and comments/suggestions made by employees.
  5. Share the results with your organization’s leadership team and all of your managers and supervisors. Also share at least some of the pertinent results with all employees.
  6. Create action plans based on the survey results. Some actions/initiatives are likely needed on an organization-wide basis while others are best made at the department level. Make sure you identify the right people to create the action plans and to lead the needed change projects/actions.
  7. Conduct the surveys periodically to assess progress and to identify new problems and opportunities that may have surfaced since the last survey.

About Howard Deutsch

Howard Deutsch is the CEO of Quantisoft, a New Jersey based full-service survey company conducting employee, organizational effectiveness, leadership feedback, customer satisfaction, IT customer satisfaction, enterprise risk and other types of customized surveys since 1999. Howard has extensive senior line management, internal and external consulting experience in many industries. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in Finance from St. John's University. He was an adjunct faculty member for several years at the Seton Hall University School of Business.
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