HR and OD Professionals Rate their Own Organizations’ “Holistic Organizational Effectiveness” Low

54% of the Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Survey (HOE Survey) responses came from people in HR and OD (Organizational Development) roles. The other 46% of responses came from a wide range of functional areas (e.g. general management, IT, sales, marketing, manufacturing/operations, finance, legal, internal consultants, etc.), from external consultants (15.5% of all responses) and from people in academic positions (2% of all responses).

HR’s & OD’s Overall Ratings Identified a Very Large Opportunity for Increasing Holistic Organizational Effectiveness

The HOE  Survey includes 97 questions that assess a broad range of holistic   organizational effectiveness drivers. HR and OD typically are directly or     indirectly responsible for many of the HOE issues (e.g. workforce     excellence, culture, senior leadership development, organizational     structures/systems/processes, HR strategy, performance measures &     reward systems, etc.).The overall rating for all 265 survey participants and questions is 3.45 on a    scale of 1 – 5 where 5 = Effective and 1 = Ineffective. The overall rating for responses from OD is 3.49 and for HR the overall rating is 3.37.

Key HR and OD findings:

  • HR’s  and OD’s overall ratings are very similar to the overall ratings for all survey participants
  • HR’s and OD’s overall HOE ratings are very low, indicating that most organizations have an opportunity to significantly increase their HOE

Challenges and Opportunities for HR and OD 

Key questions for HR and OD (once you have reviewed the HOE Survey Report):

  1. How would you rate your organization’s overall HOE, and the ratings for each section and question within the HOE Survey?
  2. What are your organization’s HOE gaps (i.e. how much below optimal HOE levels is your organization)?
  3. What would it take to make your organization’s senior leadership team aware of the HOE concept and the potential benefits for them and for your organization?
  4. What can you do to make your leadership team aware of HOE?
  5. Do your organization’s HR/OD functions have the expertise, ability,     positioning and credibility needed to lead a long-term HOE improvement process for your entire organization?

Information about Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Surveys

About Howard Deutsch

Howard Deutsch is the CEO of Quantisoft, a New Jersey based full-service survey company conducting employee, organizational effectiveness, leadership feedback, customer satisfaction, IT customer satisfaction, enterprise risk and other types of customized surveys since 1999. Howard has extensive senior line management, internal and external consulting experience in many industries. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in Finance from St. John's University. He was an adjunct faculty member for several years at the Seton Hall University School of Business.
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