Is Your Senior Leadership Team Driving or Restricting Your Organization’s Success?

The “Senior Leadership Team’s Effectiveness” is probably the single most important section of the The Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Survey (HOE Survey). To a great extent, the senior leadership team is responsible for all of the issues included in the HOE Survey. A highly effective leadership team, especially the CEO, is essential for achieving holistic organizational effectiveness. More often than not, great (highly effective) leaders achieve great success for their organization, their customers/constituents, their employees and their share/stakeholders. Weak (ineffective) leaders usually achieve mediocre results or failure.

The following questions are from the Senior Leadership Team section of the HOE Survey. The survey uses a 1 – 5 rating scale where 5 = Effective and 1 = Ineffective. The overall average ratings (all responses included) for each question are shown with each question. The overall average rating for each of the leadership effectiveness questions ranges from relatively low to very low.  Ideally, in any organization the senior leadership team’s effectiveness rating for each of the leadership effectiveness issues included should be 4.5 or higher (5 = Effective and 4 = Somewhat Effective). Here is how 265 people across many sectors and industries rated the overall effectiveness of their organization’s senior leadership team:

  • 3.95 – Addressing Crisis Situations Urgently and Ethically with Timely Communications to All Affected
  • 3.80 – Managing the Organization’s Assets to Achieve Long-Term Growth, Competitiveness and Profitability
  • 3.72 – Defining, Strengthening and Communicating the Organization’s Brand Internally and Externally
  • 3.62 – Creating a Sense of Urgency About Achieving Organizational Objectives
  • 3.60 – Overall Effectiveness of the Senior Leadership Team
  • 3.50 – Identifying and Attracting Leadership Talent
  • 3.50 – Being Accessible to Talk with People About Important Business Issues
  • 3.42 – Demonstrating and Expecting Leadership Courage, Decision Making, and Problem Solving from Others
  • 3.40 – Engaging Employees and Focusing Resources to Execute Strategies and Achieve Objectives
  • 3.37 – Achieving a High Level of Trust and Respect Between Senior Leadership and Employees
  • 3.33 – Developing and Retaining Leadership Talent
  • 3.28 – Being Aware of and Sensitive to the Needs of Employees
  • 3.12 – Senior Leaders Connected and Knowing What Is Going on at All Levels in the Organization

Key questions for you and your organization

  1. How would you and your colleagues rate the effectiveness of your organization’s CEO and your senior leadership team?
  2. What can be done to make your CEO and senior leadership team aware of their effectiveness as perceived by your organization’s people? Would they be open to learning the results and making changes in how they lead, or would they be defensive, challenging and rejecting the results if they are not very positive?
  3. Thinking about the HOE Survey leadership effectiveness questions, what needs to be done to significantly increase the effectiveness of your organization’s top leader and his/her senior leadership team?

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