Township of Verona Community Survey/Municipal Survey Comments
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Effectiveness of Traffic Control
Quadrant You Live In Age Years Living in Verona Comments
North East 30 to 45 Under 1 too many no turns on red
North East 30 to 45 6 to 10 ENFORCE THE SPEED LIMIT!
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 A lot of traffic problems stem from traffic light issues as well as school drop off and pick ups.
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 Many times when PSEG is working - they have their own man out stopping and passing traffic. These men obviously have no idea what they are doing. An officer should be directing traffic when men are working.
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 It seems the "noisy wheel" gets the attention - Derwent Ave has had speeders for ever and we rarely have any inforcement - inforcement needs to be rotated all over town not just on Linden and Claremont. The stop sign on Claremont at Derwent is rarely adhered to - The new efforts at signage is an attempt but if people who do not stop at the line were warned then ticketed - we could fill the town's treasury!
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 Minimal time to get across Bloomfield Ave. from side streets
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 Considering the number of vehicles that drive through Verona each day traffic control seems to be adequate.
North East Over 60 6 to 10 People still speeding as they use town streets for cut-thru (e.g. Linden). Esp. they come tearing around the curve that is Elmwood between Linden and Elk: very dangerous for us, backing out of Elmwood driveways. Speed-bumps would be too much, but can't there be a couple of speed-strips to remind them?
North West 30 to 45 Over 10 The new traffic signal paterns set up by the county are horrible. Bloomfield Ave is like a parking lot during the rush hours.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 what traffic control?
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 I have noticed more traffic iincluding more large trucks on residential streets
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 Not very happy about the current light situation at Grove and Bloomfield Avenue. There is barely enough time for 3 or 4 cars to get through the Grove light before it turns red. I do like the delay of that light allowing Grove traffic to go and then the Mt. Prospect traffic after that.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 For several years I took a bus from the corner of Lakeside/Blmfd Ave. Impossible to cross Bloomfield Ave safely!! The cars nearly run over the pedestrians and the crossing guard!
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 Cars fly down the street from Linn Dr. to Fairview Ave. and part of that is a one way road the other way. There is also lots of speeding.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 Believe the lights should be reviewed as to the long wait to enter Bloomfield Ave..
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 a number of traffic lights were changed recently at the corners of Bloomfield Ave allowing only 3 or 4 cars to get out & that's only if you are not behind a long landscaping vehicle or trucks making the side streets a nightmare at commuter time.
North West Over 60 6 to 10 The speed measuring signs are a good idea.
South East 30 to 45 1 to 5 Getting through town at rush hour or after school is very difficult. People cutting through side roads is not controlled well at all particularly on Sunset, Linden, Forest.
South East 30 to 45 6 to 10 My children enjoy walking to and from school with their friends. I pray to God everytime they have to cross Blmf. Ave by Lakeside deli for their safety. My suggestion would be like we have at rush hour why not have a police officer there along with the crossing guard to keep the children safe while crossing the street. I feel it is very healthy for children to execise and walk to and from school.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 It's just a matter of time before a child is killed in traffic. Police should be at every school, morning and pm at all street corners. Or better yet.....let's bus our children! HBW is the worst. Demand that Lakeside clear the corner at 9 and 3pm. It's obvious that they "know" the right people.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 but i blame the county. the verona cops are doing what the can, but the lights and the lane layouts are obviously flawed. let the local cops be heard.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 Speeding on all side streets - lights on Bloomfield Ave do not adequately keep a flow of traffic in the center of town.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 I think the safety programs being advertised with regard to our children is a great idea. I like the fact that there is always a speed indicator on some of the busy streets to slow drivers down. Keep up the good work.
South East 46 to 60 1 to 5 There are 2 deadly intersections on Bloomfield Ave. at Lakeside and Pompton. The shifting of the lanes is confusing to drivers unfamiliar with the flow and difficult to manuver. At lakeside the parking on one side of Bloomfield ave.must be banned. Going west the cars in the right lane go dirrectly into the rear of parked cars. If the cars in the left lane do not shift to the left they cut off the cars in the right lane. At Pomton you have the same shifting problem...also cars going south on Pompton making a left onto Bloomfield ave have a green light while cars that are going north on Pompton making a right onto Bloomfield also have a green light If you don't know the pattern both have the right of way but an accident sooner or later is innevitable.
South East 46 to 60 6 to 10 If you mean am I happy with they're keeping people from speeding I guess I don't see them paying too much attention to that issue.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 Although it is a county function, traffic on Bloomfied Ave. is restricted by traffic lights that are not properly paced. Verona should seek change.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 question is too ambiguous. county? township? stop signs, timing of lights?
South East Over 60 Over 10 Traffic lights need to be retimed.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 The lights on Bloomfield Ave should allow traffic on South Prospect and Grove more time.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 The main thoroughfare, Bloomfield Avenue cuts through the middle of Verona. Traffic on this road is terrible during peak usage. It often backs up at each light and does not flow smooth.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 Speeders need to be more aggressively ticketed.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 Bloomfield Ave is a nightmare during rush hours
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 except during youth football games at linn dr.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 Stop all the left turns on Bloomfield Avenue! There is no need to have unaligned intersections that allow both directions of traffic to both turn left. Also, the minor side streets - such as East Lincoln and Reid Place - should have left turn restrictions. Also, there should be no left turns out of business parking lots, such as the IHOP, the Krauzers, and the new Exxon.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 Bloomfield Avenue is a mess. The lights at Grove Avenue add 6 minutes to my morning and I am not sure that it helps since people rush through the intersection regardless of the lights....there needs to be more of a police presence at that point.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 There is no way a left hand turn should be permitted on Bloomfield Ave Eastbound into the street by Lakeside Deli/Seven Hills
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 always tough to control, but if motorist felt that Verona was tough on speeding and other moving violations, like Cedar Grove is, that would help
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 I think the new traffic signals were a plus, but the timing of the lights stink. There are still some intersections, where if you are stopped at the red light waiting to get out onto Bloomfield Avenue or cross the Avenue, you better have your foot ready to tromp on the gas, otherwise you won't get out.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 Bloomfield Avenue traffic congestion is unbearable at the rush hours and after school hours especially. Even avoiding Bloomfield as much as possible in not probable due to having to cross it eventually and that takes forever.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 There is just WAY too much congestion
South West Over 60 Over 10 Streets downtown gets backed up too frequently

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