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Adequate Public Notice of Important Issues/Decisions
Quadrant You Live In Age Years Living in Verona Comments
Unanswered 30 to 45 6 to 10 Thank goodness for the Verona Cedar Grove Times. It's funny how very important issues get pushed in the background and it is not until the thing happens that the public is made aware. A good example is this survey. If a friend hadn't e-mailed it I would not have known about it.
North East 30 to 45 6 to 10 It's almost impossible to figure out when important issues are being discussed until after the fact.
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 Like the new car dealership going in at Celentano? Give me a break....that happened in the middle of the night and oh so quietly more cars just keep appearing on the lot. Verona sure is going to be impressive coming over that hill a huge exxon, accura and decozen.. Mayberry? I think not
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 It is hard not to feel the town is being duped by certain decisions - like the Silent Mr Huber Fiasco
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 When did the decision to build the montrosity up at the VCC become public notice.
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 Do not like the way they are arbitrarily deciding not to reinstate the Chief of Police position without adequate notice to residents.
North East Over 60 6 to 10 You mean by reading the newspaper(s)?
North West 30 to 45 Over 10 The issue of Police Chief vs. Public Safety Director seemed to have been decided by the council with out public input. This is an issue that seems to have raised alot of concern from the citizens, Mr. Huber was Chief prior to taking over the two positions, now that they have split those positions just let him go back to the chief he was before.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 information should not be on a need to know basis
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 I never heard in advance about the new building being built by the Community Center.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 Need more time and better communication. They come out of left field
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 things creep up, then bang, something has to be done immediately. too many council members are banging their chest, 'look at me'. get off it already. do what you were elected to do, not showboating your personality. they think we are all stupid and talk AT us, not to us. a few must go.... NOW!
South East 46 to 60 6 to 10 I was not notified when Celantanos was sold to a car dealership even though they are about 100 feet from my house. I was not happy about this.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 I am not satisfied that public dialogue is being encouraged in several major policy areas currently under review including the discussion and search for a new township manager and police chief/police director.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 Legal notices about bond issues and proposed ordinances aren't enough to inform citizens about the details. We need to know why this is necessary and what the result will be, along with the cost. It is not always convenient to catch a council meeting on VTV before a council vote. Perhaps proposed ordinances and bond issues could be explained IN PLAIN ENGLISH, similar to the way SAMPLE ELECTION BALLOTS explain the ramifications of votes on PUBLIC ISSUES, in an article similar to the 'Verona Council Roundup' in the Verona-Cedar Grove Times.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 Appropriate notice to taxpayers regarding expenditures and staffing is not given. There is a feeling the taxpayers will "just agree with what we decide" from the Mayor.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 Although there is adequate public notice I get the impression there is more town business going on behind closed doors than should be.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 Its done through newspapers and our website.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 People claim to try, but it seems that important decisions are made before the public is even aware. For example, an interim township manager is a done deal. Couldn't we have waited until Mr. Huber's current contract expired before we went out and wasted over $100,000 on a new township manager that no one here wants or needs?
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 There is none.The agenda for council meetings is supposed to be published prior to the meeting. I've never seen it.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 This whole thing with the split of the town manager/ Pub. Safety Dir. seemed underhanded the way it was handled.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 Non exitent. If you do not attend every meeting in town, you may not have any insight into what is going on.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 No notice of topics for lanned discussion by the council
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 But this survey should have been mailed. Not everyone has access to a computer
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 We always find out too late to have any input

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