Township of Verona Community Survey/Municipal Survey Comments
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Change Master Plan to Permit Retail Uses at the Corner of
Linn Drive and Bloomfield Avenue or Across the Street from the VCC
Quadrant You Live In Age Years Living in Verona Comments
North East 30 to 45 1 to 5 If it would lower our taxes, I would support it.
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 Retail space in Verona is a joke. Terrys is the only exception and I don't know why he stays
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 Such a change is absolutely unacceptable. If we are to continue the use of the VCC we must allow pedestrian access & not endanger those using the VCC by adding turning cars into the mix. Also, the southern corners (Oakridge, Fells Rd, & Beechwood Rd) leading to that intersection are already dangerously congested & confusing with "cut through" traffic to Morningside & Hillside Roads all day, but especially at commuting times. Retail use would just exacerbate such congestion through a residentail neighborhood that is full of young families & children who walk to school.
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 We can not control the traffic as it is.
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 Per my response above.
North East Over 60 6 to 10 Inclined to say yes, but watch out! Could easily prove trojan horse of over- commercialization, junking over green spaces.
North East Over 60 Over 10 Retail use of this area would increase traffic in the area which is somewhat of a problem now. Also, we need to keep as many green spaces as possible in town and avoid blacktopping everything!
North West Unanswered Over 10 With the traffic problems on that corner, it would be a nightmare.
North West 30 to 45 Over 10 This issue would depend on what stores they wanted to place there. If they would better the community then i would not be against them.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 The intersection at the Linn Drive and Bloomfield AVe is treacherous! Just this week there have been at least two accidents.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 too much traffic now
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 This would add to the traffic in an already dangerous spot.
North West Over 60 6 to 10 I would oppose this change in the Master Plan. Fire Department access would be hampered, it would be ugly, and there are plenty of other sites that are under-utilized.
North West Over 60 Over 10 Too much congestion at that corner already.
South East 30 to 45 6 to 10 Oh yea just what we need more traffic in the area. Why not work on the retail area we have and make that more efficient and attractive to people.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 No way! No more building in Verona
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 This would be very poor planning. Who wants it? Who needs it? The traffic is terrible already and the hilltop expansion will kill the intersection. The space is not adequate to accomodate a BANK or other multiaccess building. I think PARKING for the fileds would be GREAT use of the land if it has to be used. I think people would pay for that as two edge sword. 1. Land gets developed to protect it from bank developement etc. 2. Town people get to use as much needed parking for Lynn drive fields and even space for Fire department parking use.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 too congested now.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 The area around the Verona Community Center is congested enough, with the apartment buildings at the end of Linn Drive along with all of the athletic functions that occur every day retail uses would not only endanger the children with the added flow of traffic but futher cause traffic problems on to Bloomfield ave
South East 46 to 60 1 to 5 I think that a well small well planned retail strip could help the traffic flow downtown when the hilltop population increases. The main issue is safety. Great detail sould be given in planning traffic pattern and how it will relate to parking access....and children crossing from school
South East 46 to 60 6 to 10 Why? Will it bring in more revenue for the Town? I think there should be good reason to allow this before it's done. Otherwise, no, I don't support it.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 Adequately scaled commecial development would replace current obsolete commercial property, add ratables and provide a more aesthetically attractive appearance in this important gateway to the community.
South West Under 30 1 to 5 It would depend on what type of retail since that is already a very busy intersection.
South West 30 to 45 1 to 5 Traffic at Linn Drive is difficult now, without further development!
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 As in many towns across the state, we here in Verona are at a saturation point from a traffic point of view. Any further development can only lead to further unwanted congestion and lower the quality of life standard.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 Bloomfield Ave and town as a whole are already overcrowded and that intersection would likely become problematic especially in light of the upcoming Hilltop development.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 We don't need more traffic!!
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 The traffic is bad enough there. With the development of Hilltop, it will get even worse
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 Don't we have enough traffic problems?
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 Absolutely not---This would increase traffic and endanger kids crossing to use the facilities there. This is already an extremely dangerous corner. Crossing Bloomfield Ave is made difficult by cars turning onto Bloomfield Ave from Linn Dr and Fells Rd . More traffic would makle this worse and could also hinder access for the firehouse. The safety of our kids and maintaining the character of the town is far more important than allowing zoning changes designed for the profit of the developer.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 As I stated before, there is WAY too much congestion, especially at this intersection! Trying to get through it at rush hours or when football practice lets out is brutal enough. To attract more cars to this area and add more driveways with people trying to get in and out would be insane and very unsafe. It is already very difficult to walk across this intersection,which my children and I often do. I can't imagine any way that this would be a safe or desirable plan.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 Definately Not!!!!! There are empty stores & office space already available in town. Residential Zones should be kept residential.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 Absolutely NO! That area has been zoned for RESIDENTIAL use only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
South West Over 60 Over 10 It is a residential area and should remain that way.

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