Township of Verona Community Survey/Municipal Survey Comments
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Effectiveness of High School
Quadrant You Live In Age Years Living in Verona Comments
North East 30 to 45 Under 1 coach against the HS teams, very enjoyable
North East 30 to 45 6 to 10 n/a
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 Not sure yet but I'm sure it's not great... How many of our graduating students attend Harvard or Princeton? I'm not looking for the majority but lets say how many in the last 5 years? 1? 2? or 0?. Getting by will get you a job at daddys gas station right here in Verona.. Our kids need to know there is life outside of Verona and it concerns me that so many never leave. Its almost creepy
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 not applicable
North East 30 to 45 Over 10 I feel the college search and preparation should begin in junior year. We are one year behind in introducing this to our students. Many high schools have juniors attending school visitations from colleges. VHS only lets seniors sit in on college visitations. We seem to be one step behind.
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 My children did attend VHS (as did I). They were well prepared for college. I believe there is always room for improvement.
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 N/A
North East Over 60 6 to 10 Step-daughter graduated from VHS (2000), after transferring in mid-sophomore year. Thanks to greater school organization and discipline, and much better individual attention, this non-A student was well-served here as she never had been at Montclair High (too busy patting themselves on the back). Keep us the superior quality of music and sports programs!
North East Over 60 Over 10 Over all the educational effort in Verona given to the children appears to be good, since both of my children were able to get into the college of their choice. However, the recent debacle at the Board of Education has left a black eye on that Board and gives residents reason to question their school tax assessment.
North West 30 to 45 Over 10 Not sure about the high school yet.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 too much dead wood; many need to retire
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 I am very pleased with the High School, however I did receive some misinformation from the guidance counselor about a college which turned out to be a problem for one of my children.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 did not attend
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 I have only heard of good things with the High School.
North West Over 60 6 to 10 VHS is indeed one of the best in the state.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 Unimpressed all around. Athletes seem to rule. Scholars leave the district to be challenged elsewhere. We still need to get rid of the "old Blood" and let in all new blood on the BOE. Mr. Kim seems to have quite the challenge and seems up to it...but not unless he surrounds himself with more Albano's, Bellino's and Quottrocchio's.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 met some of staff at football games etc. they seem motivated and caring.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 Presently our children do not use the high school.
South East 46 to 60 6 to 10 I've had no experience with the High School.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 school system, in all its parts, constitute one of the most significant assets that build value in this community, and its housing pricing.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 No basis for judgement
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 My children aren't in HS yet.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 They do a great job.
South West Over 60 Over 10 Course offerings sre still not as numerous as they could be.

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