Township of Verona Community Survey/Municipal Survey Comments
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Referendum to Change Form of Government to Elect the Mayor
Quadrant You Live In Age Years Living in Verona Comments
Unanswered 30 to 45 6 to 10 The Mayor's position is an important one and why should we leave it up to the rule of succesion now in place. I would like to have an opinion as to who is in charge of my town. I would also feel that whoever is elected Mayor was done so by the majority of citizens and not by some other means.
North East 46 to 60 Over 10 We did this for years - really I'm not sure how improtant that is. The present way seems ok.
North East Over 60 Over 10 No, it would become much to politicized as it was many years ago.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 whatever happened to democracy?
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 I think the town manager is better as it is more consistant. Mayors come and go and it takes a couple of years for them to catch on to the workings of the town. They also have full time jobs. Running the town requires consistancy and full time attention.
North West 46 to 60 Over 10 Allowing the council to elect the mayor is the same as allowing the electoral college to elect the president.....a bad idea because it removes the people from the direct process.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 Absolutely...that's the way it should be
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 the people need control back. verona is out of control with false reporting in a local mailer (i wont even call it a newspaper). very slanted, very misleading, and very dangerous. do they think we are that stupid, or are they in fact THAT stupid. their bias is unbelievable.
South East 30 to 45 Over 10 why would we change the form as it has been done is so many years past here as well as all other areas.
South East 46 to 60 Over 10 I do not favor a strong mayor form of government as permitted under the Faulkner Act. Collaboration and collegiality are important in a smaller community such as Verona's.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 We should be able to vote for the Mayor.
South West 30 to 45 6 to 10 I would need more information including the reasons behind moving away from that form of government in the past.
South West 30 to 45 Over 10 Would it change his role as more that a figure head?
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 The way the rules have been changed by Mr. Detore recently, it seems like for as long as he gets re-elected, he will remain mayor.
South West 46 to 60 Over 10 It is time to go back to a more tradition form of goverment. Allowing the council to choose from among their own is frought with a form of nepotism. It is an incestuos, old boy network at work.
South West Over 60 Over 10 Why go back?

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