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Howard Deutsch

Howard Deutsch is CEO and co-founder in 1999 of Quantisoft, LLC. Quantisoft's innovative online surveys and consulting enable organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and middle-market companies to measure and achieve breakthrough increases in performance and make better, more objective decisions. Quantisoft's mission is to provide managers with the information and insight they need to increase performance and competitiveness.
Howard founded Deutsch Consulting Services, Inc. in 1992, helping clients to identify change opportunities and increase productivity, organizational effectiveness, quality and customer service. Clients included American Express, Prudential, Morgan Stanley, Lucent Technologies, Lehman Brothers, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Allstate Insurance and other companies.
His experience includes ten years as S.V.P. at NatWest Bank, where he helped lead a major turnaround of the bank. Howard was Chief Administrative Officer of Consumer Banking (technology planning, financials, strategic planning) and also directed the bank-wide Quality Program, Consulting Division and Customer Service Center.
He previously held senior-level consulting and line positions at Bankers Trust, Chase, RCA, Control Data, Computer Sciences and Grumman.
Howard has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and an MBA in Finance from Saint John's University. He was an Adjunct Professor teaching Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Reengineering, Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurship in Seton Hall University's MBA and undergraduate business programs for eight years.

Consulting Associates

Quantisoft's Ph.D and MBA level Consulting Associates have extensive experience in survey design, survey administration, communicating survey results, developing survey action plans and supporting survey action plan implementation. Their backgrounds and expertise include organizational effectiveness, human resources, quality and customer service improvement, business metrics, IT development/customer service/support, risk management, business process improvement, and supply chain management.

Our Business Focus

Quantisoft conducts employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, IT customer satisfaction surveys, risk surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and other online surveys focused on assessing and increasing performance.
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