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"Going Green" Surveys

Increase Your Organization's Sustainability and Reduce Costs

Going Green is more than a slogan. It is a way to save money and be a responsible corporate citizen. It is good for the environment.
Many companies and other types of organizations have become aware of the need to "Go Green", reducing the use of non-renewable energy and other natural resources. Some companies have already started to take action, with varying levels of "Going Green" initiatives and successes underway. Please see our article on Going Green -- How to Make Your Business Greener for practical information on "Going Green".

Going Green Surveys

Quantisoft's Going Green Surveys provide a highly cost-effective way to measure and ensure the success of any company's Going Green program. Our Going Green Surveys will:
  • Gather energy saving suggestions from your company's employees, getting all employees involved.
  • Assess your employees' awareness of your company's Going Green initiatives and how well employees understand what your company is doing to Go Green.
  • Send a message to employees that your company cares about Going Green and that you value ideas and feedback from employees.
  • Measure ongoing Going Green progress by conducting Going Green Surveys annually.
  • Increase employee awareness about Going Green and the need to support your company's Going Green initiatives. It will get employees thinking about how they can contribute to the Going Green effort.
  • Encourage your employees to adapt your company's Going Green concepts to their personal life, which can be good for everyone.
  • Save your company money.
  • Increase the sustainability of your company.
Quantisoft's Going Green Surveys can be an important part of your company's solutions for assessing and managing Going Green initiatives.

Why Going Green Makes Sense

While some Going Green initiatives require an initial investment and ongoing costs, overall Going Green investments will provide an attractive return on your company's investment while providing other important benefits. Some of the Going Green benefits your company can expect to realize include:
  • Reducing ongoing energy costs and costs for other non-renewable resources.
  • Enhancing the sustainability of your company.
  • Sending an important message to your employees, customers, shareholders and the community that you care about conserving energy and natural resources, and saving the environment.
  • With escalating energy and natural resource costs, and concerns about the environment, Going Green is now a key responsibility of leaders and organizations.

Going Green Survey Metrics

Quantisoft's Going Green Surveys are customized based on your company's industry and other operational factors. Going Green Survey questions include:
  • Gathering ideas from employees for saving energy and reducing the use of non-renewable natural resources relating to:
    • overall company operations (e.g. heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc.)
    • equipment and business process energy use including IT equipment energy use
    • business travel
    • costs and energy used in shipping/transportation of the companys products and purchased goods/supplies
    • commuting...ways the company can help employees reduce their personal energy use while increasing employee and company performance (e.g. staggered work hours to avoid rush hour traffic, four day work week, telecommuting, car pooling to reduce driving), etc.
    • recycling opportunities
    • using alternative energy sources
    • using alternative materials in producing products, where appropriate
    • eliminating paper
    • streamlining processes
    • reducing packaging costs
    • selecting "Green" suppliers
    • reducing water usage
  • Assessing employee awareness of the company's specific Going Green initiatives.
  • Identifying ways to get employees more involved in the company's Going Green initiatives.
  • Other questions pertinent to your company's Going Green program.
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