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Law Firm Surveys/Legal Surveys/Law Surveys

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and Client Satisfaction and Law Firm Effectiveness

Law Firm Survey Examples

Quantisoft, LLC conducted a Partner Evaluation Feedback Survey and an Associate Attorney Development Survey for a leading U.S. law firm with ten U.S. and international offices.
  • Partner Evaluation Feedback Survey: Over 300 Associate Attorneys completed an Internet survey for each Partner they supported during the past year. Every Partner received a report with anonymous feedback from the Associates that supported them. The firm's Management Team received a wide range of firm-wide reports sorted by office and practice. The Management Team and the Partners received information and insight that identified strengths and areas to focus on.
  • Associate Attorney Development Survey: The Associate Attorney Development Survey gathered information on associate attitudes about the Firm and each office. The information gathered is being used to assess associates' issues, career goals, development progress and other key opportunities, and improve the workplace environment.

Types of law surveys Quantisoft can conduct for your firm

Quantisoft conducts confidential cost-effective law firm surveys that identify your firm's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Partner Evaluation Feedback Survey (Associate Attorneys evaluate Partners)
  • Associate Attorney Evaluation Feedback Survey (Partners evaluate Associate Attorneys)
  • Associate Attorney Development Survey (Associates provide feedback on their career goals and development, and workplace issues)
  • Administrative Staff Feedback Surveys (Providing feedback to Administrative Staff)
  • Opinion/Engagement/Satisfaction Surveys
  • Risk Assessment Surveys
  • IT customer satisfaction surveys
  • Other surveys designed to meet your Firm's special needs

Quantisoft customizes law firm surveys/legal surveys to meet your firm's special needs

  • We handle every aspect of the survey process, minimizing the time required of your people.
  • Our pricing is highly affordable.
  • Reports are easy to read and understand, and filled with actionable information and insight.
  • We are responsive to your needs.

Law Survey/Law Firm Survey Reports

Law firm survey/legal survey reports include graphs, tabular summary reports and comments reports for your organization overall and by demographics such as practice area, department, location, etc. Reports provided with your second and subsequent law surveys include trend reports showing data from the most recent law survey with data from your previous law firm surveys. Partner feedback surveys and Associate feedback surveys also include circular profile graphs for each partner or associate displaying the individual ratings and the overall average rating the partner or associate receives from each attorney providing feedback.

Optional Law Firm Survey Executive Summary Report

Most of Quantisoft's survey customers have us analyze their survey data and prepare an executive summary report which includes comprehensive analysis of the survey data and comments, and preparation of a report that includes a summary of the survey findings and recommendations based on the findings. Our extensive experience and expertise provides an outside, objective review that is completed quickly, saving you time and enabling your organization to start your change process as soon as possible.

Benefits of Quantisoft's Law Firm Surveys/Legal Surveys

Surveys are customized to meet your firm's needs. Some of the benefits your firm can expect to achieve from Quantisoft's law firm surveys include:
  • Increasing attorney and client satisfaction
  • Providing partners and associates with honest, anonymous feedback for increasing their effectiveness
  • Improving communications between partners and associates
  • Strengthening support from administrative staff
  • Learning how associates feel about their prospects for a career with the firm and how long they think they will work at the firm
  • Assessing and improving mentoring and training of associates
  • Assessing attorney perceptions about balance between their professional and personal life
  • Identifying and improve approachability and receptivity of partners to associates and administrative staff
  • Learning how associates feel about their learning opportunities and case assignments
  • Pinpointing opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of the firm
  • Learning how attorneys feel about the firm's legal services vs. those of competing firms
  • Getting feedback about satisfaction with compensation
  • Assessing the firm's culture
  • Learning how attorneys feel about the firm's direction
  • Gathering perceptions about how well the firm is managing diversity
Quantisoft also conducts other types of online surveys including employee engagement surveys and employee satisfaction surveys.
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