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Sales Force Surveys/Sales Force Opinion Surveys

Gain Information and Insight for Increasing Sales
and Customer Retention, and Reducing Sales Force Turnover

Your sales people and sales managers/supervisors have a wealth of information about what your customers and prospects want and expect from your company and your sales force. The best way to unlock their collective knowledge and experiences about customers and about what sales people need to increase sales is conducting sales force surveys of your current and former sales people and your sales managers/supervisors.

Types of Sales Force Satisfaction Surveys

  • Periodic sales force opinion surveys of the current sales force
  • Sales force pulse surveys providing timely trend information
  • Sales force opinion surveys providing feedback from former sales employees
  • Sales manager opinion surveys

Sales Force Opinion Survey Metrics

Sales force satisfaction survey/sales force survey ratings provide a clear picture of current and ongoing levels of sales force performance and satisfaction. Comments and suggestions provide highly actionable information and insight for achieving breakthrough sales results.
Depending on your industry, the products and services your company sells, and the information sought from sales force surveys, sales force survey metrics include the following and other criteria measuring sales enablers, the sales environment and sales performance and success:
  • Company image
  • Effectiveness of marketing
  • Communications effectiveness of sales management
  • Support from sales management
  • Sales/department manager treatment of sales people
  • Recognition received from sales management
  • Support received from sales management
  • Adequacy of sales leads
  • Adequacy of business information availability
  • Availability/effectiveness of administrative support
  • Sales and product training effectiveness
  • Sales tracking process effectiveness
  • Effectiveness of sales performance feedback and sales mentoring
  • Satisfaction with sales compensation and benefits plans
  • Satisfaction with development and career opportunities
  • Establishes criteria and goals to achieve a high level of sales, quality, productivity and service
  • Feedback on sales goals
  • Adequacy/effectiveness of sales tool and programs
  • Sales force self assessment and sales manager assessment of sales attribute capabilities (e.g. sales and product knowledge, sales prospecting skills, sales closing skills, communication skills, etc.)
  • Effectiveness of sales culture
  • Empowerment of sales staff
  • Effectiveness of problem resolution
  • Product and service quality and reliability
  • Customer awareness and satisfaction with products and services
  • Satisfaction levels of your sales force sorted by their demographics
  • Satisfaction with the service environment and policies
  • Likelihood of staying with the company for the foreseeable future
  • Willingness of sales people to recommend your company for employment

Sales Force Survey Reports

Sales force opinion survey reports include graphs, tabular summary reports and comments reports for your sales force overall and by sales force demographics such as location, region, years of service, etc. Reports provided with your second and subsequent surveys include trend reports showing data from the most recent survey with data from your previous surveys.

Benefits of Quantisoft's Sales Force Satisfaction Surveys

Quantisoft's surveys generate significant bottom-line benefits and a very strong payback:
  • Gain insight for attracting new customers and retaining existing customers
  • Increase sales and become more competitive
  • Reduce costly sales force turnover
  • Increase effectiveness of sales managers
  • Learn what customers like and dislike about your products and services and being a customer of your company
  • Gather information about competitors
  • Identify cross-sales opportunities
  • Eliminate obstacles impacting sales people
  • Discover ideas for new products, services and customer information requirements
  • Manage moments of truth more effectively
  • Gain insight for enhancing and creating new sales programs and tools
  • Make significant improvements in sales force sales attribute performance
  • Improve communications with customers
  • Identify problems and opportunities by location, communication channel, and other criteria
  • Identify and fix recurring problems impacting customers
  • Send an important message to customers and employees that management cares about customers and their opinions
To keep ahead of the fast-changing business environment, we recommend conducting a sales survey annually, taking quick action on the findings. Sales opinion surveys provide information and insight about what needs to be done to keep ahead of your competition while measuring how well the past year's initiatives have succeeded.
Whether your company's sales force has 20 sales people or several thousand sales people, Quantisoft's sales surveys will provide your sales managers with a wealth of actionable information for making better decisions for increasing sales force performance and your company's competitiveness.
Quantisoft also conducts other types of employee surveys including employee satisfaction surveys/employee engagement surveys, employee turnover surveys, 360 leadership surveys and other employee surveys.
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