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Employee surveys, customer surveys and risk survey solutions assessing and boosting business performance, and strengthening your company's ability to compete effectively

Special Focus Online Human Resources Surveys

Gather Information and Insight for Increasing
Employee and Organizational Performance

Quantisoft conducts online Human Resources surveys:
  • Online Employee Satisfaction Surveys/Online Employee Engagement Surveys - Employee satisfaction and engagement are key drivers of employee and organizational performance. Our comprehensive online employee satisfaction survey is customized to meet your needs. The results pinpoint problems and opportunities and provide solutions for achieving breakthrough improvements in the performance of your employees and your company.
  • Online Sales Force Surveys - In most companies there is a huge gap in sales performance between the highest and lowest performing sales people. Further, overall sales is usually well below potential sales due to a wide range of known and unknown barriers to sales. Quantisoft's online sales force survey gathers anonymous feedback from your sales force, identifying what needs to be done to significantly increase the performance of your sales force and total sales while reducing costly sales force turnover.
  • Online Employee Climate Surveys/Employee Attitude Surveys - Our online climate surveys/organizational attitude surveys focus on organizational environment and corporate culture issues. While each online climate survey/organizational attitude survey includes questions about a broad range of cultural issues, we customize your assessment to hone in on the organizational and corporate culture issues that you are particularly concerned about. Employee attitude survey results enable businesses to measure gaps between the organization's desired position and employee perceptions of organizational reality for key organizational climate factors.
  • Online 360 Leadership Surveys - Our 360 surveys are conducted for several, to many leaders at the same time. Our 360 leadership survey includes over 30 leadership traits and competencies, providing 360 degree feedback to leaders at all levels of the organization. Each leader receives anonymous 360 feedback. Senior management and HR receive reports identifying leadership strengths and weaknesses for the organization overall and by organizational demographics (e.g. location, business unit, etc.).
  • Online Employee Benefits Surveys - Our employee benefits survey assesses employees' satisfaction with your organization's employee benefits program, providing information and insight for providing benefits that meet employees' diverse needs while getting more value for benefits dollars spent. Taking action based on employee benefits satisfaction surveys increases employee satisfaction, engagement, performance and loyalty.
  • Online Employee Turnover Surveys/Exit Interview Surveys - For organizations experiencing high levels of employee turnover across the company or in specific departments, Quantisoft's employee turnover surveys and exit interview surveys identify the causes of turnover and provide information for reducing turnover.

Identifying the need for change using online HR Surveys

The world is changing quickly - Every year it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay ahead of the competition. Threats come from local, national and international competitors, new technology and products, changing customer desires and expectations, increased commodity and other costs, and a wide range of other factors challenging your business. Your ability to know what changes to make and to then execute the needed changes is critical to your organization's sustainability and long-term success.
Collectively, your employees know what is working well and what needs to be changed - They hear from your customers about their likes and dislikes regarding your products and services, your people and processes, pricing, product quality and much more. Your employees are often first to learn about competitors and their products and services. They hear about and experience it first-hand from your customers. Your employees know why customers choose to do business with your company and they also know why they decide to stop being your customers. Your employees know if they have the tools, knowledge and information needed to perform their jobs effectively. They also know about your corporate culture/organizational climate, the effectiveness of internal communications, and the barriers to performing their jobs, selling and supporting customers.
Online employee opinion surveys are a fast, efficient, accurate and highly cost-effective way to gather information from all of your employees, organizational units and business locations. Using a survey company to conduct your surveys ensures employees that their responses will be anonymous. When employees are confident that their responses are anonymous, they are significantly more likely to participate in online surveys and to offer honest opinions, perceptions and information.
Becoming responsive to change - The collective information, insight and suggestions captured by an online employee opinion survey/online HR survey will provide an accurate picture of your organization. Your employees will tell you what changes are happening within and outside your organization, and what changes your business needs to make to compete effectively and thrive.
Making sure business leaders are not making decisions in an "information cocoon" - Business leaders are often isolated. It is not possible to be everywhere and to talk with and hear from everyone in your organization. Information is often filtered. Many managers/employees are afraid to be the messenger delivering bad news.
Quantisoft's comprehensive online employee assessments deliver the information senior business leaders need to hear so that they will be able to make better, more informed decisions, making the changes needed for sustained success.

Employee Opinion Surveys that identify sustainable changes needed to enable your organization to survive and thrive

Quantisoft offers a wide range of online employee surveys customized to meet your company's specific needs. Where needed, we also use paper surveys.
Our online employee satisfaction surveys gather comprehensive opinions, information, suggestions and insight from all levels of your organization with emphasis on boosting employee and organizational performance, company growth and sustainability.

Types of Quantisoft Online Employee Surveys/Organizational Attitude Surveys

Types of employee surveys and HR surveys

Benefits of conducting an Employee Opinion Survey/HR Survey/Organizational Attitude Survey

Quantisoft's online employee engagement surveys generate significant bottom-line benefits and a very strong payback when action is taken based on the survey findings. Depending on the focus of the assessment, benefits typically include:
  • Strengthening your organization's sustainability, performance, reputation, growth and profitability
  • Identifying shortfalls in leadership
  • Increasing employee engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and performance
  • Identifying hidden problems, opportunities and possible solutions
  • Creating a roadmap for making breakthrough improvements
  • Focusing managers' energies on areas with the highest priority and the largest payback
  • Identifying barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Executing more effectively
  • Identifying internal communications problems, a significant cause of dissatisfaction and poor performance
  • Identifying ways to strengthen corporate culture and trust between leadership and employees
  • Strengthening the culture of collaboration and change
  • Reducing costly employee turnover
  • Enhancing your "employer of choice" reputation
  • Avoiding costly abuse law suits
  • Facilitating innovation and smart risk-taking
  • Reducing the "People Performance Gap©" -- the costly gap in performance between the most and least effective people performing each job in your company

Online Human Resources Survey Reports and Demographics

  • You receive comprehensive "easy to read and understand" graphical, summary tabular and comments reports quickly. Reports are presented for your organization overall and by employee demographics (e.g. location, department, years of service, gender, race, etc.). Quantisoft's surveys eliminate the costly and time consuming need for your company to spend days creating graphs and tabular reports using Excel, which is required when you use self-service online survey services. We also provide comprehensive verbatim comments reports sorted by demographics.
  • Over 95% of our customers have us prepare the optional Executive Summary Analysis Report. Quantisoft analyzes your survey data in detail and prepares an Executive Summary Report that includes a summary of the findings, identification of themes, analysis of the data, benchmarking comparisons of key results with results from other surveys we have conducted, and recommendations (action plan) based on the findings.

Employee satisfaction surveys generate a quick payback

Conducting an online human resources survey is very inexpensive compared to the cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and many other quantitative and qualitative benefits an employee survey can provide. For only a few thousand dollars, online human resources surveys provide actionable information for increasing organizational and leadership effectiveness, for increasing productivity, quality and customer service, and for enhancing employee and customer satisfaction.
To achieve consistently high levels of performance and ensure sustainability, organizations should conduct online surveys/assessments annually, and take action based on the results.

View a sample online Employee Opinion Survey:

Please click on the following link to view a sample employee engagement survey/employee satisfaction survey. Your assessments will be customized to meet the needs of your organization:
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