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Online Customer Surveys
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
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Gain Information and Insight for Increasing Customer
Satisfaction and Retention, Sales, Competitiveness and Profit

Types of Quantisoft Online Customer Opinion Surveys

Gather actionable information and insight from your customers across the U.S. and around the world:
  • Customized online customer satisfaction surveys gathering opinions and information to meet your organization's special needs conducted semi-annually, annually or as needed
  • Transaction online customer survey/customer satisfaction survey solutions providing feedback on how well specific purchase, service and other transactions were handled
  • Assess internal and outsourced services including IT, HR, accounting, facility, procurement services, etc.

Compelling need for online client surveys

Online customer opinion surveys provide the information you need to keep existing customers and attract new ones.
Payback from online customer surveys:
  • It costs 5 to 10 times more to attract new customers than it costs to keep existing ones
  • Most dissatisfied customers don't complain directly
  • When customers are dissatisfied, they all complain to friends and business associates
  • Some dissatisfied customers buy less…others leave and become customers of your competitors
  • Loyal customers buy more and recommend your company, products and services to friends and business associates
Your customers have a wealth of information and insight about your company and your competitors.
  • They know what can be done to improve your company's quality, products and service, communications and other criteria important for earning their loyalty.
  • Companies often miss important hidden actions that can really make a difference for increasing competitiveness.
  • Identify the hidden information you need to compete more effectively.
Measuring Product, Service, Psychological and other Factors Driving Satisfaction and Sales
  • Your customers behave, act, purchase and recommend based on their experiences, what they are hearing, how they feel and what they believe about your company, your products, your employees and your sales and service execution.
  • Quantisoft's online client satisfaction surveys include important psychological factors that drive client behavior and employee performance.
  • We design assessment solutions and analyze perceptions and information enabling your organization to attract and create loyal, satisfied customers who give you more of their business.
Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Process
Gathering Opinions, Perceptions, Expectations and Needs
Annual customer satisfaction survey and client assessment process, identifying opportunities and measuring ongoing progress


Online customer attitude survey ratings provide a clear picture of current and ongoing levels of performance and satisfaction. Comments and suggestions provide highly actionable information and insight for achieving breakthrough results.
Customer survey metrics include the following and other service, sales and performance criteria, depending on the type of online client survey being conducted and the industry.
Our assessments focus on measuring the whole customer experience, at all points of contact with your organization:
  • Product and service features, styles, efficacy, competitiveness, quality and reliability
  • Awareness and satisfaction with products and services
  • Marketing and advertising effectiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Company/product image and reputation
  • Pricing competitiveness
  • Willingness to recommend your company, products and services
  • Ease/timeliness contacting service representatives
  • Waiting time
  • Timeliness and effectiveness of problem resolution
  • Availability/courtesy/attitude/professionalism/knowledge/responsiveness of sales and service staff
  • Communications effectiveness
  • Sales and service effectiveness
  • Web site, call center and self-service availability, access, effectiveness, ease of use
  • Preferences for hours of operation of sales and service locations
  • Timelines in meeting deadlines
  • Purchasing and shipping experience
  • Handling product returns
Benefits of Quantisoft's Online Customer Attitude Surveys
Quantisoft's online client opinion surveys generate significant bottom-line benefits and a very strong payback:
  • Learn what it takes to achieve breakthrough increases in satisfaction, loyalty, and retention
  • Gain insight for attracting new clients
  • Identify cross-sales opportunities
  • Discover ideas for new products and services
  • Manage moments of truth more effectively
  • Gain insight for prioritizing performance improvement initiatives and projects
  • Make significant improvements in service and sales attribute performance including timeliness, professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, communications with customers, problem resolution effectiveness, etc.
  • Improve communications with clients
  • Increase service quality and productivity
  • Make better, more objective decisions based on client feedback
  • Identify problems and opportunities by location, communication channel, and other criteria
  • Identify and fix recurring problems
  • Send an important message that management cares about customers and their opinions
  • Become more competitive
Maximizing Satisfaction and Loyalty
Online online client attitude surveys play a key role in identifying sources of dissatisfaction.
Quantisoft also conducts customer service surveys, assessing face-to-face and call center service. If your company is experiencing a significant number of complaints, or if you are experiencing significant lost business, conducting an assessment is an effective way to identify the specific causes of problems, complaints and solutions for significantly improving service levels.
Providing service that meets or exceeds requirements keeps customers satisfied and loyal. Conducting an online client satisfaction survey annually or more often is the most cost-effective way to ensure that you are identifying ever changing requirements and learning directly from customers about how satisfied they are with your products and service.

Process for Maximizing Satisfaction and Loyalty

Customer satisfaction surveys assess loyalty and increase retention, increasing competitiveness and profit

Getting the most value from an online Client Opinion Survey

Quantisoft’s assessments gather important actionable information and perceptions. We provide guidance for asking questions that enable your organization to become more competitive and to attract and keep more customers.
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