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360 Leadership Assessment Surveys/
360 Leadership Surveys

360 Leadership Surveys Provide Information and Insight for
Increasing Leadership Effectiveness in Your Organization

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."
- Peter F. Drucker
"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves."
- Ray Kroc
"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do."
- Andrew Carnegie
"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."
- Jack Welch

Assessing Leadership Effectiveness with 360 Leadership Surveys/360 Leadership Assessment Surveys

The most successful organizations in any field have highly-effective leaders, from top to bottom of the organization. No other factor can substitute for weak leadership.
Quantisoft's 360 leadership assessment surveys/360 leadership surveys provide organizations with two critical types of leadership effectiveness information and insight:
  • 360 leadership survey reports for individual leaders - Leaders receive anonymous 360 feedback from any or all of the following groups: the leader's direct reports, the leader's peers and leaders at a more senior level (leader's manager and if desired, other managers at a more senior level). The feedback is on a comprehensive set of leadership criteria, including ratings on their leadership effectiveness and comments/perceptions based on first-hand experience reporting to him/her. Leaders become aware of how they are perceived, providing them with useful information and insight that enables them to strengthen their leadership effectiveness.
    Leaders complete a self-evaluation, enabling them to compare how others perceive them with how they see themselves.
    Leaders receive a circular profile graph that displays their leadership profile. This makes it easy for them to see their strongest leadership characteristics and the leadership characteristics they should work on strengthening. They also receive a summary report of their leadership ratings in an easy to read tabular report, along with the feedback comments, which provide insight about how they are perceived as a leader, and what they can do to become a more effective leader.
  • 360 leadership survey reports for organizational planning - Senior management and HR receive comprehensive leadership effectiveness reports for the organization overall, and leadership effectiveness reports based on organization demographics (we work with your organization to determine the appropriate demographics - e.g. department, division, location, leader's gender, direct report's gender/race/age range, etc.). The senior management team and HR receive information and insight that identifies strengths and areas to focus on. Note: Individual leaders do not receive feedback based on demographic criteria which might enable identification of individuals providing feedback.

360 Leadership Assessment Survey/360 Leadership Survey Metrics

Through extensive research and consultation with business leaders and with leadership and organizational effectiveness consultants, we have identified 36 personal leadership and organizational leadership competency criteria that define the profiles of highly successful leaders. Our 360 leadership assessment surveys/360 leadership surveys utilize all or a portion of the following leadership criteria, or we can include leadership criteria identified by our clients:
  1. Integrity
  2. Charisma
  3. Vision
  4. Fairness
  5. Consideration for others
  6. Leading diverse employees
  7. Intellectual stimulation
  8. Courage
  9. Loyalty
  10. Dependability
  11. Self confidence
  12. Responsibility and accountability
  13. Flexibility
  14. Judgment
  15. Perseverance/tenacity
  16. Desire
  17. Mentoring and developing
  18. Decision making
  19. Communications
  20. Negotiation
  21. Delegation
  22. Empowerment
  23. Prioritizing
  24. Decisiveness
  25. Physical and emotional stamina
  26. Goal setting
  27. Planning
  28. Organizing
  29. Measuring business performance
  30. Measuring employee performance
  31. Assessing risks
  32. Reward and recognition
  33. Political diplomacy
  34. Timing
  35. Competitiveness
  36. Execution - getting things done

Benefits of Quantisoft's 360 Leadership Assessment Surveys/360 Leadership Surveys

360 leadership assessment surveys go well beyond typical 360 feedback surveys that provide feedback to selected leaders in two important ways:
  • 360 leadership assessment surveys provide 360 feedback to many or all leaders of an organization, not just a selected few. The idea is that all leaders can benefit from receiving 360 feedback, not just leaders having leadership difficulty.
  • 360 leadership assessment surveys provide senior management and HR/Organizational Effectiveness management with a wealth of information and insight about the entire organization's leadership competencies, and about opportunities for strengthening the entire organization's leadership.
Some of the benefits your organization can expect to achieve from Quantisoft's 360 leadership assessment surveys/360 leadership surveys include:
  • Provide leaders with honest, anonymous feedback for increasing their effectiveness
  • Create and maintain organizational leadership competency inventory/database
  • Identify training and development needs for individual leaders and the organization overall for 36 leadership criteria
  • Identify high potential leaders based on feedback from any or all of the following groups: the leader's direct reports, peers and leaders at a more senior level
  • Focus recruiting and hiring based on the organization's leadership criteria and organization-wide results from 360 leadership surveys
  • Gain critical information and insight for increasing the effectiveness of your organization's leaders at all levels of your organization
  • Use 360 leadership assessment survey/360 leadership survey data for succession planning
  • Use leadership as a competitive advantage (enhanced reputation, increased profit, increased business growth, improved employer of choice status, etc.)
Conducting a 360 leadership survey is a highly cost-effective way to assess your organization's leaders and their competencies, and to provide leaders with 360 feedback they can use to become more effective leaders. This is one of the best ways to increase your organization's competitiveness.
In addition to Quantisoft's 360 leadership survey, we conduct other types of online surveys that provide feedback for leaders.
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