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Business Process Effectiveness Surveys/
Process Surveys/Operations Surveys

Assessing Process Performance

Quantisoft's business process effectiveness surveys/operations surveys assess the performance of processes and provide actionable information and insight for streamlining and improving processes. Surveys gather process experience feedback and suggestions from employees and/or customers using the business processes. This process survey/operational survey information provides insight and suggestions that are not available from typical internal process measurements such as volumes, costs, errors, timeliness data, etc.
Our business process effectiveness surveys/operations surveys identify breakthrough improvement opportunities in productivity, quality, customer service, process timeliness and cost reduction.
Business process effectiveness surveys/operations surveys can focus on one or multiple business processes. Business process effectiveness questions can also be included in Quantisoft's employee satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.

Business Process Effectiveness Survey/Process Survey Metrics

Process effectiveness survey/process survey metrics include the following and other process criteria, depending on the scope of the process survey being conducted:
Process performance standards and measurements
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbox) 404 standards
  • Process quality
  • Process timeliness
  • Customer service
  • Problem and complaint management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Process volume variation
  • Process productivity
  • Process performance measurement
  • Process documentation (availability, current, accurate, effective, accessible)
  • Process performance standards
  • Communication of performance standards and measurements with employees
  • Employee performance measurement
  • WIP inventory and parts/materials availability (manufacturing processes)
  • Policies impacting processes
  • Process ownership (defined and executed)
  • Process variation
  • Process volumes and trends
  • Process waiting times
  • Process bottlenecks
  • Process risks
  • Process and IT change management
  • Approach to process change implementation
  • Outsourced supplier performance
Technology and information effectiveness
  • Technology availability
  • Technology effectiveness/ease of use (for employees and customers)
  • Information availability, adequacy, ease of access, security
Employee process issues
  • Employee knowledge of processes
  • Job descriptions / skill set requirements
  • Training adequacy and development
  • Standards and expectations for performance
  • Performance measurement and reviews
  • Compensation, benefits, compensation approaches (e.g. base salary vs. incentive comp.)
  • Employee morale
  • Process and workplace safety
Facility layout design concepts
  • Workplace design/layout
  • Design for efficient flow of customers (in customer facilities)
  • Ergonomics (lighting, temperature, workstation design, furniture, stress, noise)

Business Process Survey/Process Survey Reports

Business process survey/process survey reports include graphs, tabular summary reports and comments reports for your organization overall and by demographics such as department, location, etc. Reports provided with your second and subsequent business process surveys/process surveys include trend reports showing data from the most recent process survey with data from your previous process surveys.

Optional Process Survey Executive Summary Report

Most of Quantisoft's process survey customers have us analyze their survey data and prepare an executive summary report which includes comprehensive analysis of the survey data and comments, and preparation of a report that includes a summary of the process survey findings and recommendations based on the findings. Our extensive experience and expertise provides an outside, objective review that is completed quickly, saving you time and enabling your organization to start your change process as soon as possible.

Benefits of Quantisoft's Business Process Effectiveness Surveys/Process Surveys

Quantisoft's business process effectiveness surveys/process surveys provide the information and insight to achieve a strong payback:
  • Best practice processes enhance customers' experience with your company...they will tell other people and remain loyal customers
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements from employees and/or customers
  • Identify and fix recurring process problems impacting customers, productivity, quality, timeliness, employee knowledge, customer service and costs
  • Reduce the number of customer problems and complaints
  • Improve communications within your organization and with customers
  • Increase employee morale by making their jobs easier and more productive, providing them with processes, information, training and tools they need to be more productive
  • Use business process effectiveness survey results to prioritize performance improvement initiatives and projects
  • Business process effectiveness surveys provide critical data for Balanced Scorecard measurement programs.
  • Decrease the People Performance Gap©, the gap in performance between the most and least effective employees performing the same job (using the same processes).
Quantisoft also conducts other online surveys focused on assessing and increasing operational performance.
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