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Employee surveys, customer surveys and risk survey solutions assessing and boosting business performance, and strengthening your company's ability to compete effectively

Employee Surveys, Customer Surveys, IT Customer Satisfaction,
Risk and Other Online Enterprise Assessments Boosting
Engagement, Performance, Sustainability and Competitiveness

Online Employee Satisfaction Surveys,
Customer Satisfaction Surveys and
Other Business Research Assessments
Providing Actionable Information and Insight

Quantisoft is a full-service survey company
We conduct online employee engagement surveys, IT customer satisfaction surveys, enterprise risk surveys and a wide range of other online employee surveys and online customer surveys for organizations interested in increasing their organizational effectiveness, performance and competitiveness.
Our customers include Fortune 500, middle market and small businesses, universities, associations, not-for-profit and other types of organizations across the U.S. and around the world.

Online Employee Survey and Online Customer Survey Solutions - Assessing and Boosting Engagement, Performance and Competitiveness

Assessments we conduct most often include:
  • Online Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Online HR Surveys/Online Human Resources Surveys focused on employee turnover/retention, 360 leadership feedback, benefits satisfaction
  • Online Customer Attitude Surveys and online IT Customer Surveys
  • Online Enterprise Risk Management Surveys
Start learning from your employees and customers now and boost your organization's performance
Internal PerspectiveConduct an Employee Opinion Survey, Risk Survey, IT Customer Survey
External PerspectiveConduct a Customer Opinion Survey
Strengthening balanced scorecard measurements with organizational effectiveness and other assessments
Including information from an online employee satisfaction survey/online employee engagement survey and online customer satisfaction survey ensures that you are including critical intelligence in your balanced scorecard.
Quantisoft's Assessments are a Business Strategy Tool
Employee engagement survey and customer assessment tools assess, quantify and strengthen business strategy execution, performance and competitiveness
How we help you achieve your objectives and the results you need
Quantisoft's total solution approach enables your organization to achieve its objectives quickly and cost-effectively.
We provide value in 9 key ways that enable you to jump start your change execution process and achieve sustainable results:
  1. Our solutions start with highly effective design. We know the questions to ask and how to ask them. Questions are customized to meet your company's special needs, providing more pertinent and comprehensive information and insight.
  2. We have proven ways to optimize your response rate.
  3. Your employees and customers can be confident that their responses are anonymous when you use Quantisoft, an independent company.
  4. You receive comprehensive easy to read and understand reports very quickly. There is no need for your organization to spend days using Excel to create useful reports and graphs. You have better things to do with your time.
  5. Using our extensive experience, we analyze your results and provide you with an objective executive summary report summarizing the key findings and including an action plan for achieving results. This report is based on outside, unbiased analysis that pinpoints key problems, strengths, opportunities and solutions.
  6. We present the executive summary report in a webinar meeting with your leadership team, presenting and explaining the survey findings and our recommended action plan, answering your questions and enabling you to organize for and achieve results.
  7. We provide guidance as needed to help you execute your assessment action plan.
  8. Our follow-up assessments measure progress and identify new challenges and opportunities since the previous assessment. Trend reports compare results from your current and previous assessments.
  9. Our pricing is low and straightforward.
Identify Ways to Move Your Company Up the
Business Competitive-Sustainability Spectrum
employee satisfaction surveys boost competitiveness, organizational sustainability, bottom line growth and profit
Our Mission
Providing business intelligence
for running your organization
more competitively and profitably
How well is your
organization performing?
Providing intelligence,
value and results
We gather actionable information and insight that, when acted on, will generate a strong bottom-line payback.
Quantisoft's assessments provide information and insight you need to compete and thrive
  • Gather feedback from employees and customers, identifying opportunities for enhancing their satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  • Validate where your organization is healthy and identify problems and opportunities for achieving business success.
  • Gather timely intelligence for identifying and analyzing internal and external risks and threats.
  • Identify systemic and hidden problems, opportunities and solutions.
  • Assess how well your organization is executing, and plan for the future.
  • Achieve breakthroughs in organizational and bottom line performance
Key questions driving
your organization's
performance and bottom line
  1. How satisfied and engaged are your employees?
  2. How satisfied are your customers?
  3. Is your quality and customer service attracting and keeping customers?
  4. How effective is your IT customer support?
  5. How effective are your leaders?
  6. Is internal communications hurting organizational effectiveness and performance?
  7. Is staff turnover impacting costs and your customers?
  8. What risks does your company face?
  9. How can you boost your company's sales?
  10. How effective are your business processes?
  11. Are innovation and entrepreneurship encouraged and nurtured?
...How do you know?
We provide answers and solutions to these and other key questions

Identifying important psychological aspects of behavior
Quantisoft's solutions identify the important psychological aspects that influence decisions, behavior and actions. This powerful information does not show directly in your company's financial and other business measurements.
We provide quantifiable information that impacts your company's financial and other measurements, identifying what needs to be done to strengthen these "soft" and "hard" data measurements.
Quantisoft's Assessment Process
employee survey process enables continuous improvement, enhanced productivity and quality and service levels, sustaining growth and profitability
Quantisoft's high-payback online employee engagement surveys, IT surveys and risk management assessments enable your organization to
  • Reduce costly staff turnover
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction/retention
  • Decrease risk-related losses
  • Significantly reduce costs and increase profit
  • Make better, more informed decisions
  • Identify product strengths/weaknesses
  • Increase staff satisfaction, engagement, performance and loyalty
  • Increase process efficiency and quality
  • Strengthen the culture of collaboration and change
  • Enhance your "employer of choice" reputation
  • Strengthen organizational effectiveness
  • Boost competitiveness
Value You Receive from Quantisoft
Quantisoft coordinates and handles every aspect of the assessment process
  • Design of questions to meet your specific objectives
  • Approach for optimizing the response rate
  • Notification and distribution
  • Response collection at our Web server
  • Report generation
  • Analysis and recommendations/action plan - optional
  • Results communications plans - optional
  • Action plan implementation support - optional
Quantisoft's pricing is highly affordable and provides a strong payback.
Request a proposal and price quote - Quantisoft is looking forward to talking with you to learn about your requirements and to provide you with a high payback assessment solution.
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