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Quantisoft's Survey Client Profiles:
"A Sampling of Our Online Survey Solutions"

Summaries of employee surveys, customer surveys,
IT customer, risk and enterprise and industry assessments

Quantisoft is a leading full-service survey company. We conduct online surveys and other types of surveys that gather feedback from employees, customers and other groups.
Quantisoft's survey and consulting clients include Fortune 500, middle-market and small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Our clients include US and foreign companies. We conduct surveys going to over 25,000 employees or customers located throughout the US and in many countries around the world; surveys going to a few hundred - several thousand employees, customers or members; and surveys going to under 100 employees or customers.
Our survey and consulting experience is in a wide range of industries including:
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Advertising
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Associations
  • Bio tech
  • Cabinet manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Communities/Municipalities
  • Condominium association
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Consumer products
  • Corporate and household relocation/moving
  • Customer service centers
  • Fashion
  • Financial services (banking, insurance, investment banking/brokerage, residential mortgage)
  • Food production and marketing
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Home products manufacturing and sales
  • Homeowner Associations/Gated Communities/Residents
  • Hotel/hospitality
  • Independent and Assisted Living
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Materials
  • Medical devices
  • Medical test equipment
  • Natural Resources and Mining
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Office equipment manufacturing, sales and service
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power generation
  • Real Estate Management
  • Religious organizations
  • Steel manufacturing, trading/sales
  • Student Housing
  • Technology (in-house and outsourced IT services, software, hardware)
  • Travel
  • Utilities
Examples of Quantisoft's clients and the surveys we have conducted for them include:

Employee Satisfaction Surveys/Employee Engagement Surveys/Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Steel trading and manufacturing company
    Conduct annual employee engagement surveys/employee satisfaction surveys of employees at headquarters office and in several offices across North and South America to increase employee performance and organizational effectiveness, and assess impact of major organizational changes. Annual trend graphs display progress over time.
    These annual surveys focus on a wide range of issues including the work itself and work environment, decision making, quality and customer service, employee performance standards and measurement, innovation and change, reward and recognition, compensation and benefits, feedback about supervisors and managers, development and career opportunities, teamwork, communications, corporate culture, commitment to the organization, and employee awareness of and willingness to report non-compliance of regulatory/compliance laws (Sarbanes - Oxley, etc.).
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys/Opinion Survey: National hotel franchising company
    Employee satisfaction survey assessed climate of headquarters franchise management staff with a focus on strengthening their reputation as an "employer of choice" and energizing the company after a downturn in business. Other objectives included identifying departments with low employee satisfaction levels and the reasons for the low satisfaction. Survey follow-up analysis identified ways to enhance and improve services provided to franchisees, leading to significant increases in revenue from franchisees and increases in REVPAR (revenue per available room).
  • Employee Satisfaction/Employee Engagement Survey: National home healthcare company
    Employee satisfaction surveys of full-time and per diem home healthcare workers and all other employees identified causes for costly employee turnover and pinpointed systemic and localized opportunities for increasing employee and patient satisfaction. Quantisoft's analysis identified over thirty recommendations for significantly increasing employee retention and bottom-line performance.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey: Leading National specialty insurance company
    Significant economic and specific industry problems were causing low employee morale, widespread rumors about the business and possible downsizing, and a concern that employee turnover would start to escalate. The company's Chief Administrative Officer chose Quantisoft to conduct an Employee satisfaction survey to assess employee perceptions and concerns across a wide range of issues. The survey identified numerous companywide and department-specific issues that management was able to focus on to contain unwanted employee turnover and boost morale and employee performance at a difficult time.
  • Employee Engagement Survey/Employee Satisfaction Survey: For a North American Industrial Products Company (parent company is European) with almost 200 Employees in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
    Quantisoft conducted an employee engagement survey/employee satisfaction survey focused on identifying ways to increase employee engagement, satisfaction and performance, and identifying ways to increase the company's competitiveness and performance. Employees in Mexico responded to a Spanish version of the online survey.
    The employee survey identified hundreds of specific actions for making the company and its products more competitive, to increase quality and productivity, to improve organizational effectiveness and internal communications, and to eliminate several types of workplace safety risks.
  • Venture Capital Company - Employee Opinion Survey for a technology based business services company operating internationally and owned by a venture capital company
    The venture capital company selected Quantisoft to conduct an employee opinion survey to assess the leadership, corporate culture, employee satisfaction and engagement and other factors affecting this several year old company's performance. The venture capital company was looking to identify what needs to be done to accelerate company growth and profit in order to increase the return on their investment.
    The employee opinion survey identified an extensive list of reasons for slow growth and marginal profit. The recommendations included the need to use search engine optimization and social media marketing to boost awareness of the company and its products and to attract new business, ways to improve the company's service offerings, and many specific actions for strengthening leadership, communications, employee engagement and satisfaction, technology and process effectiveness, teamwork, work/personal life balance and other actions to increase company growth and performance.

Sales Force Opinion Surveys

  • Sales Force Opinion Survey: International Human and Environmental Health Analysis Product and Services Company
    The focus of the survey was to identify opportunities for increasing the performance of Sales Representatives and Product Specialists, and increasing company sales.
    Several hundred members of the sales force in North America and Europe identified impediments and time wasters hindering sales, assessed effectiveness of marketing/advertising tactics and tools in supporting efforts to achieve sales goals, and identified many other ways to significantly increase sales.
    The survey also identified the need to strengthen sales manager effectiveness, enhance the on-boarding program, upgrade specific products to be more competitive, strengthen customer service and product support, improve interdepartmental communications, and the need to address several other opportunities for increasing sales.

Employee Turnover Surveys/Employee Retention Surveys/Exit Interview Surveys

  • Sales Staff Turnover and Performance Surveys: National office machine sales and service company
    Separate employee retention surveys of current and former sales professionals identify the reasons for high sales force turnover and what needs to be done to increase sales. The surveys identified specific and systemic problems with local sales management, communications, recruiting, new employee orientation, training, compensation, employee expense reimbursement and other issues. Trend graphs measure progress based on actions taken in response to the employee turnover survey results.
  • Employee Retention Survey/Employee Turnover Survey: National insurance company
    Quantisoft conducted an employee turnover survey of former employees that left the company over the previous two years to determine the reasons why these former employees left. We offered former employees an incentive for responding to the survey, resulting in an excellent response rate. The survey found that employees were leaving for several reasons that were different than why management thought they were leaving.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Call Center Surveys

  • Customer Sales Surveys/Service Satisfaction Survey: Fortune 500 manufacturing, sales and services company
    Transaction follow-up customer satisfaction surveys assessing customer satisfaction with four inbound telephone call center sales and service centers with over 1,000 CSR's performing sales, customer service and billing. The surveys identified performance trends and key actions for increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance. Reports rank phone centers and agents based on customer satisfaction, and identify agents performing at unacceptable levels.
  • Client Satisfaction Survey: Middle market software company selling and servicing their proprietary retail sales management software
    Over 300 clients, including managers and software users across the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia were surveyed. Clients were asked about their satisfaction using the retail software, their satisfaction with training and ongoing technical support, using the company's website for information, the software product's impact and benefits, implementation support and other issues. This client satisfaction survey identified extensive actionable information and insight for use in sales and marketing to new clients and cross-selling to current clients. It also identified opportunities for strengthening technical support and product/implementation training, and for expanding and promoting use of the company's web site. The survey quantified many benefits that clients are achieving from the software.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Large national bank
    Customer satisfaction surveys and consulting support enabled the bank to achieve breakthrough increases in customer service and customer satisfaction ratings of their eleven product/service centers supporting their business customers. Survey findings enabled root cause analysis, achieving elimination of many systemic problems and a reduction in customer service staff levels.

IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys: For a Fortune 500 IT outsourcing services company
    Conducting recurring incident follow-up and annual customer satisfaction surveys for some of their key outsourced technology customers including a national mortgage bank, a multi-state government agency, an insurance company, a not for profit foundation, and a leading bio-tech company.
  • IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Leading international insurance company/national mortgage bank/not-for-profit foundation
    Ongoing monthly incident follow-up IT customer satisfaction surveys assess customer satisfaction of IT customers with Help Desk, Desk Side Support and Resolver/Application Support performance. Surveys identify customer sites and business units with opportunities for improvement in service and customer satisfaction. Survey results pinpoint service attributes needing attention (knowledge, attitude, response time, service ticket closeout process, meeting SLAs/service level agreements, etc.), and identify individual IT service staff with low customer satisfaction ratings. Monthly trend graphs display improvements in performance and pinpoint performance shortfalls.
  • IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Major biotech company with many US and international offices/Pharmaceutical company with 800 employees/US medical implant company with offices in the US and overseas
    Annual IT customer satisfaction surveys assess customer satisfaction of IT customers with Help Desk, Desk Side Support and Resolver/Application Support performance. Surveys identify locations and departments with opportunities for improvement in service and customer satisfaction. Survey results identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement in knowledge, professionalism, ability to understand customer's problem, response time, follow-up, satisfaction with resolution, service ticket closeout process, etc. Annual trend graphs measure performance progress.
  • IT Customer Satisfaction Survey: For an international pharmaceutical packaging company with several thousand internal IT customers
    The IT survey was conducted in seven languages. Our client company decided to have their own in house designated translators do the language translation. The IT survey identified many opportunities to increase IT customer satisfaction and IT performance on both a local level and enterprise wide, including opportunities to standardize and improve some aspects of IT service delivery across the company.

Business Risk Assessment Surveys

  • University Risk Assessment Survey: For a University with over 20,000 students
    The university has had an annual risk assessment process in place since 1996. The risk assessment process consisted of interviews with a limited number of Deans, Vice Presidents and Department heads, and it focused on a review of only a few types of obvious risks.
    In 2008 the university chose Quantisoft to design and implement a comprehensive annual enterprise Risk Assessment Survey that was sent to all senior-level members of University Administration, all Deans, Vice Presidents and Department Heads.
    The risk survey raised the University's risk assessment process to a new level, identifying many risks not previously considered by the University. Survey participants assessed both the likelihood and significance of each type of risk, and they provided information and insight about the causes of the risks and possible solutions for managing and reducing specific risks. The survey results identified the need for increasing awareness about risk identification and risk management across the University, and for getting University administration, department heads and faculty to be active participants in the risk management and remediation process.
  • Enterprise Risk Survey: For a Consumer/Home Goods Company with 2,300 employees in the U.S. and globally
    The company's Board of Directors and enterprise risk manager were looking for a way to gather information and perceptions about risk importance and risk likelihood/probability for 80 types of risks. The company manufactures and distributes consumer products used in homes.
    Quantisoft designed and conducted a risk survey customized to meet the organization's needs. The Board of Directors, the CEO and 150 senior and mid-level managers from across the organization participated in the risk assessment survey. The survey quantified risks and provided the Board and the leadership team with information and insight for mitigating and managing risks in the U.S. and internationally.
    Quantisoft prepared an Executive Summary Report summarizing the survey findings and including a comprehensive set of recommendations (action plan) to mitigate risks and manage risks more effectively for the company's several product lines across several countries worldwide.
    The business risk survey identified significant risks to the company's reputation and workplace employee safety, supplier risks, competitive risks, and a broad range of other risks with a potential risk impact of many millions of dollars annually, some with a moderate to high probability of occurring.

Merger & Acquisition Surveys

  • Merger & Acquisition Survey: For a regional audit and accounting firm with over 600 employees at several locations
    The firm recently completed its latest merger. The firm is a product of many mergers and acquisitions over several decades. The merger and acquisition survey found that the firm still has many firms within the firm due to ineffective integration of the current and previous mergers and acquisitions.
    The M&A survey identified many specific integration shortfalls in the areas of corporate culture, leadership approaches, internal communications, performance measurement, work assignment/allocation, technology, business processes, employee recruiting and retention approaches and other important drivers of employee and firm performance. Quantisoft's analysis of the survey findings and our executive summary report provided a roadmap for integrating the firm's culture and infrastructure to achieve very significant bottom-line improvements.

State Privacy Regulation Surveys/Massachusetts Privacy Regulation Surveys

  • Massachusetts Privacy Regulations Survey: For a Biotech Company
    Faced with the need to comply with the Massachusetts Privacy Regulations 201 CMR 17:00, this biotech company with offices in Massachusetts and other states chose Quantisoft to conduct a Massachusetts Privacy Regulation Survey to help them comply with the regulations. Quantisoft's Massachusetts Privacy Regulation Survey assessed how the company was currently handling employee and consumer personal information.
    The survey gathered information from employees located both in Massachusetts and across the U.S. Survey reports include data about the handling of employee and customer privacy information for the organization overall and for each organizational unit.
    The Massachusetts Privacy Regulation Survey identifies which employees receive, handle, store and transmit personal information in electronic and paper formats. The survey also identifies the sources and where, how and how frequently personal information is received, handled, stored and transmitted, and which automated and manual systems are used for storing and transmitting personal information.

Contract Risk Assessment Surveys

  • Contract Risk Survey: For a U.S. headquartered international medical equipment company
    A contract review committee headed by the company's Chief Legal Counsel and comprised of senior and middle managers selected Quantisoft to conduct a Contract Risk Assessment Survey. The survey provided an in-depth review of the company's procedures and practices for drafting, negotiating, reviewing, signing, fulfilling and storing contracts. The contract risk survey gathered information and insight for developing better contract management consistency across the organization to maximize the efficiency of their contracting process and minimize risks due to inadequate contract controls. The survey identified many significant inconsistencies and risks across the company in how contracts are drafted, negotiated, reviewed, signed, fulfilled and stored.

Municipal Opinion Surveys/Resident and Business Opinion Surveys

  • Municipal Opinion Survey: Conducted municipal resident opinion survey of Verona, New Jersey residents
    A local newspaper selected Quantisoft to conduct a municipal opinion survey to gather opinions of Verona, NJ residents about a wide range of municipal services and the city government. Survey sections included Municipal Quality of Life Services, Municipal Safety and Health Services, Schools, Municipal Government and Public Issues. The objective of the survey was to provide the Mayor, Town Council and residents with a clear picture of how residents feel about these services and issues, and to provide information and insight for focusing on opportunities for improvement. The survey also identified municipal services and issues that residents were very satisfied with. Survey reports present resident opinions as ratings and comments for all survey respondents and for various demographic subsets of the population.

Association Member Opinion Surveys/Religious Organization Member Opinion Surveys (Churches, Synagogues, etc.)

  • Market Research: Professional industry association
    Separate surveys of professionals and their clients worldwide identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the profession. Survey results identified ways to reposition the professionals to increase clients' awareness of their capabilities, improve the quality of their work product, and strengthen competencies of the professionals.
  • Member Opinion Survey: Temple with membership of over 600 families
    Quantisoft conducted a member opinion survey for a temple with declining membership, and preparing to conduct a search for a new Rabbi. Survey respondents included married and single members and teen age children. The survey was conducted to help temple officers plan for the future direction of the temple. The survey identified member opinions and desires about religious services, social programs, selecting a new Rabbi, the religious school, the temples communications with members, and other issues. Survey reports summarized the aggregate opinions for the entire congregation membership as well as opinions for each constituent group (i.e. results by age group, single vs. married, female and male, etc.).
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