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Employee surveys, customer surveys and risk survey solutions assessing and boosting business performance, and strengthening your company's ability to compete effectively

Quantisoft's Online Employee Survey and Customer Survey Solutions
"Managing With Metrics"

Employee surveys and HR surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys/Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Employee opinion/satisfaction/engagement
  • Employee exit interview
  • Employee turnover assessment
  • Employee benefits feedback/satisfaction
  • Training effectiveness feedback
  • Organizational effectiveness assessment
  • Customized assessments to meet your organization's special information/feedback needs

Online HR Surveys

  • Strengthening your organization's sustainability, performance, reputation, growth and profitability
  • Increasing employee engagement and performance
  • Increasing employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity
  • Identifying hidden problems, opportunities and possible solutions
  • Creating a roadmap for making breakthrough improvements
  • Focusing managers' energies on areas with the highest priority and the largest payback
  • Identifying barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Identifying internal communications problems, a significant cause of dissatisfaction and poor performance
  • Identifying ways to strengthen corporate culture and trust between leadership and employees
  • Strengthening the culture of collaboration and change

HR Scorecard Surveys/Human Resources Scorecard Surveys/HR Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Assessing HR customer satisfaction and HR's performance
  • Measuring how well HR strategy and service performance is linked with business strategy

Employee Retention Surveys/Exit Interview Surveys

  • Focused employee retention
  • Exit interview
  • Former employee feedback/opinion

Employee Benefits Surveys

  • Make changes to the benefits plan based on employee feedback.
  • Get greater value from the benefits dollars spent by your company.
  • Provide employees with benefits they want and need.
  • Identify changes to benefit plans to help to attract new employees and retain existing employees.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and performance.

360 Leadership Surveys

  • Provide leaders with honest, anonymous feedback for increasing their effectiveness.
  • Create and maintain organizational leadership competency inventory/database.
  • Identify training and development needs for individual leaders and the organization overall for 36 leadership criteria.
  • Identify high potential leaders based on feedback from any or all of the following groups: the leader's direct reports, peers and leaders at a more senior level.
  • Gain critical information and insight for increasing the effectiveness of your organization's leaders at all levels of your organization.

Sales Force Surveys

  • Sales force satisfaction/opinion
  • Sales force pulse
  • Former sales employees feedback/opinion

Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Customer Opinion Surveys

Customer Surveys

  • Customer opinion/satisfaction/engagement
  • Pulse surveys
  • Transaction/incident
  • Customized customer survey solutions

IT Customer Surveys

  • Help desk support
  • Desk side service and support
  • Break fix support
  • Install, move, add, change support
  • Application support/Software development
  • IT's communications with users
  • Hardware ordering and replacement (desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, smartphones)
  • IT training for IT employees and customers
  • Network effectiveness
  • IT employee engagement - satisfaction

Call Center Surveys

  • Call center customer satisfaction surveys
  • Follow-up call center transaction and incident assessments

Enterprise Surveys

Enterprise Risk Management Surveys

  • Operational
  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Supplier
  • Business interruption/continuity
  • Capacity utilization/availability
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Fraud
  • Environmental
  • Outsourcing
  • Technology
  • Bias, diversity and abuse
  • Management succession
  • Fiduciary

Merger & Acquisition Surveys/M&A Surveys

  • Pre integration M&A identifying differences and gaps between organizations being merged
  • During M&A integration, assessing progress of integration initiatives
  • Post merger/acquisition measuring the success of the merger & acquisition integration process and identifying integration issues that still require improvement

Ethics and Compliance Risk Culture (Sarbanes-Oxley) Surveys

  • Facilitates Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance
  • Enables increased transparency, fewer surprises and more effective risk management, strengthening investor, public and regulatory confidence
  • Improved overall control culture
  • Better business risk information for Management and Audit Committees
  • Enhanced processes and controls to drive operational effectiveness
  • Improved Corporate Governance Process
  • Better alignment of IT with the business
  • Facilitates Board of Directors Oversight
  • Greater financial accountability
  • Increased effectiveness of employees
  • Helps define training requirements for ensuring a Sarbanes-Oxley Ethical and Compliant Culture

State Privacy Regulation Surveys

Contract Risk Assessment Surveys

  • Improve contract tracking and compliance resulting in reduced contract creation and contract management costs
  • Ensure suppliers and other outside parties are complying with your organization's contracts
  • Determine how well contract practices and processes have been communicated and are being followed across the organization
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized creation and signing of contracts
  • Ensure that paper and electronic contracts are stored securely

Going Green Surveys

  • Gather energy saving suggestions from your company's employees, getting all employees involved.
  • Assess your employees' awareness of your company's Going Green initiatives and how well employees understand what your company is doing to Go Green.
  • Send a message to employees that your company cares about Going Green and that you value ideas and feedback from employees.
  • Increase the sustainability of your company.

Strategic Organizational Effectiveness Surveys

  • Assess organizational effectiveness holistically to identify ways to significantly boost the key drivers of employee and organizational performance, customer satisfaction and retention, competitiveness, organizational sustainability and profit.

Business Process Assessment Surveys

  • Identify best practice processes.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements from employees and/or customers.

Industry/Sector Surveys

Municipal Satisfaction Surveys/Municipal Opinion Surveys

  • Resident opinion
  • Business opinion

Law Firm Surveys

  • Partner evaluation feedback
  • Associate attorney evaluation
  • Associate attorney development
  • Administrative staff feedback
  • Opinion/engagement/satisfaction
  • Risk assessment

Association Surveys/Association Member Surveys

  • Member satisfaction
  • Periodic feedback
  • Transaction and incident
  • Customized member
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