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Online Employee Surveys -- What's the Best Approach?

Designing a High Payback Employee
Engagement Survey/Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee surveys are a very effective and low-cost way to accurately gather a wide range of information and perceptions from employees. The information and perceptions gained from employee surveys can be used to identify a wide range of opportunities and problems, and provide insight, intelligence and solutions for significantly increasing employee engagement, satisfaction and performance, organizational effectiveness and business performance.
Important considerations in deciding your employee survey approach include:
  1. Should your employee survey include a broad range of questions covering many topics, or should it include only one area of focus such as employee engagement?
  2. What types of topics and questions should you ask and how should the questions be worded?
Quantisoft's experience strongly supports conducting comprehensive employee engagement surveys/employee satisfaction surveys/employee opinion surveys customized to meet the specific needs of organizations.

Maximizing the benefits of employee surveys

Survey Design Matters - Why not go beyond Gallup's Q-12 employee engagement survey and conduct employee surveys that identify a much broader set of possible reasons for low employee engagement, and then go beyond that to also assess drivers of employee satisfaction, employee performance, organizational effectiveness and performance, and other key issues? Why not make your employee survey a comprehensive employee opinion survey that enables employees to provide their comments and suggestions after every survey question, and also including open ended questions asking employees to identify ways to increase the organization's competitiveness, ways to increase employee productivity and effectiveness, and gathering other appropriate suggestions and information.
The objective is to identify and diagnose a broad range of issues that may be impacting all or specific parts of the organization, providing the company's leadership, managers at other levels and human resources with information and insight for increasing employee and company performance.
Quantisoft's comprehensive approach includes customizing employee surveys to meet the specific and sometimes unique information and insight needs of our customers. Questions are designed to gather actionable information. Quantisoft's employee surveys typically include 40 - 75 questions covering key drivers of employee satisfaction, engagement and performance, and organizational effectiveness. Every question includes a rating scale and a comments field, enabling employees to offer comments and suggestions relating to the issue included in each question. We also include open-ended questions that gather suggestions and opinions about key issues and opportunities. Our reports are designed to provide organization-wide data identifying issues that need to be addressed on an organization-wide basis, as well as issues that require attention at the individual business unit/department/store/branch/team levels.

Reasons to Conduct Comprehensive Employee Surveys/Employee Engagement Survey/Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Following are some of the many reasons for your organization to conduct an annual employee survey:
  1. Assess employee engagement and satisfaction levels by employee demographics (e.g. department, location, years of service, age, gender, ethnic background, etc.)
  2. Identify causes for low levels of employee engagement, satisfaction and performance, and company performance
  3. Assess organizational climate/organizational effectiveness
  4. Identify organizational strengths and weakness
  5. Gather information, perceptions, insight and suggestions for increasing employee engagement/satisfaction/performance and company performance
  6. Learn how employees feel about their manager and company leaders, their empowerment to make job-related decisions, the innovative environment, intra departmental and inter departmental communications, communications from company leadership, leadership's integrity, advancement opportunities, customer focus, compensation and benefits, performance evaluations, commitment to the company, processes and quality, having the needed information and equipment/tools, the company's mission, vision and values, the workplace environment, company culture, commitment to customers and other pertinent issues
  7. Identify barriers to employee and company performance and gather suggestions for improvement
  8. Establish a baseline measurement for use in assessing progress over time

How Quantisoft's Employee Opinion Survey/Employee Satisfaction Survey/Employee Engagement Survey Goes Beyond Gallup's Q-12 Survey

The following list includes survey topics typically included in Quantisoft's employee surveys. Each topic includes multiple questions, generating information, perceptions and insight well beyond Gallup's Q-12 employee engagement survey.
  1. The Work Itself
  2. Work Environment
  3. Decision Making
  4. Quality, Customer Service and Work Performance
  5. Innovation and Change
  6. Reward and Recognition/Compensation and Benefits
  7. My Manager/Supervisor
  8. Development/Opportunity
  9. Teamwork
  10. Communications
  11. Engagement
  12. Senior Management Effectiveness
  13. Commitment to Our Company and Company Direction
  14. Compliance
  15. Additional Comments and Suggestions
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